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UNESCO Program in Science, Technology and Innovation Policy

The main role of UNESCO in S,T,I Policy is that of:
* an initiator of new thinking on policy development,
* a instigator of reforms and innovations, and
* a promoter of international co-operation.
UNESCO therefore seeks:
* to stimulate innovative co-operative regional and international programs,
* to develop analytical work in co-operation with other institutions namely OECD and the UNU, and
* to support regional S&T Policy networks.
UNESCO also seeks to serve as a clearing-house, thus facilitating exchange of experiences.

Action focuses on assisting Member States in the implementation of the actions and recommendations contained in:
, and

of the World Conference on Science that deal with science policy.

Science Policy Formulation
UNESCO helps Member States to formulate their own S&T policies, strategies and plans. It also helps them in the reform of their S&T systems. It publishes guidelines and methodologies, and provides technical advice and guidance on formulation, implementation, and monitoring.

The UNESCO University-Industry-Science Partnership (UNISPAR) program was launched in 1993. It is aimed at raising the quality of technical universities in developing countries and encouraging them to be more involved in the process of industrialization of their countries. Since 2002, the UNISPAR Programme focuses on capacity building and technical assistance in governance of science and technology parks.

Science Legislation
In January 2003, UNESCO organized an international roundtable on "Science Technology and Innovation Policy: The Parliamentary Perspective", in tandem with the Parliament of Finland and the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO). The Forum adopted a declaration. Among other things it recommended the establishment of regional science policy fora to facilitate an exchange of experiences. A number of regional science fora have been held. UNESCO has also established the World Science Forum, which meets every two years in Budapest on the occasion of World Science Day for Peace and Development on 10 November.

UNESCO Science Policy Studies and Documents
This webpage lists many science policy studies published by UNESCO since 1965, and many of the more recent ones can be downloaded via the Internet.

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