Thursday, October 19, 2006

Interesting "21st Century Talks"

21st Century Talks and Dialogues, a UNESCO Social and Human Sciences activity, creates forums for prospective reflection and future-oriented debate that gather together leading figures from different regions of the world, who work on key questions about the future.

Here are some of the topics (click on the link for more information):
* "Might everything disappear? Species, languages, cultures, values", May 9, 2006

* "Can the human species domesticate itself?", March 30, 2006

* "Towards Knowledge Societies", December 6, 2005

* "Tsunamis: Foresight and Prevention", May 10, 2005

* "Can we control AIDS?" April 28, 2004

* "Should Globalization be Made More Democratic?" March 22, 2004

* "Should Human Cloning be banned?" September 10, 2003

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