Sunday, October 15, 2006

UNESCO Highlights from its Science Programs

In commemoration of the 60th anniversary of its founding, UNESCO has highlighted one aspect of its program every week for 60 weeks. (Click here to see the entire list of highlights.)

Here are links to highlights of the science programs to date. (Click on the links to view the resources themselves.)

Science and technology policies
* A World of Science (UNESCO Newsletter; July-September 2006)
* L’Oreal/UNESCO Women in Science Awards
* Infosheet (PDF Format)

* Giving science a conscience (The UNESCO Courier, Nov. 2005)
* Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights (19 October 2005)
* Human cloning: ethical issues (PDF Format - 440 K)
* Infosheet (PDF Format - 148 K)

Towns and human habitats
* Cape Town: Garden Wonderland in the Midst of Urban Sprawl (The UNESCO Courier, Nov. 2005)
* Science: Urban Greens (The UNESCO Courier, May 2002)
* World Heritage Cities
* Infosheet (PDF Format)

Ethics of Science and Technology
* Infosheet (PDF - 142K)

The doping crisis in sport
* International Convention Against Doping in Sport (PDF - 1.26M)
* Doping in Sports (Interview with Mark Fainaru-Wada)
* Infosheet on Doping (PDF - 141K)

Desertification and drylands
* Turning back the sands of time? (UNESCO Courier – June 2006)
* The Future of Drylands Conference (Tunis, Tunisia 19 - 21 June 2006)
* Infosheet on desertification (PDF format - 100K)
* 2006 - UN International year of deserts and desertification

Anticipation and Foresight
* Towards Knowledge Societies (First UNESCO World Report)
* The Future of Values (Published by UNESCO/A.Michel)
* Infosheet (PDF Format - 57K)

Combating Racism
* Why racism? (The UNESCO Courier, Sept. 2001)
* Infosheet (PDF Format - 85K)
* Message from the Director-General on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Water Management
* The UNESCO Courier Water Issue - "To the last drop"
* Webcast from Forum in Mexico
* Infosheet (PDF Format - 76K)
* Message from the Director-General

Man and the Biosphere
* Latest additions to list of Biosphere Reserves (Press Release - July 2005)
* Taking the Pulse of the Planet (The New Courier - November 2005)
* Explaining Biosphere Reserves (Children's book)
* Infosheet (244K - PDF Format)

Science and Technology for Development
* Natural Sciences Portal Section
* Projecting the planet into the future (The new Courier, May 2005)
* Infosheet (PDF Format - 184K)
* Science and technology education

Management of Social Transformations
* International Forum on the Social Science - Policy Nexus
* Infosheet (PDF Format - 198K)

Human Rights
* Human Rights at the heart of UNESCO programming
* Infosheet (PDF Format)
* Teaching Human Rights in Iraq

Observing and Understanding Oceans
* Oceans (The New Courier, November 2005)
* Infosheet (PDF Format - 278K)

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