Friday, September 15, 2006

Science and technology policies

As part of its 60 week celebration of its 60th anniversary, UNESCO this week is featuring its science policy for sustainable development program.

UNESCO's factsheet on this program atates:
Science and technology policies consist of a set of principles, declarations, guidelines, decisions, instruments and mechanisms oriented towards scientific and technological development in the medium and long term.

Recent UNESCO programs on science and technology policy have witnessed important developments. UNESCO focuses its programme on providing assistance to developing countries to integrate sustainable development priorities into their national policies on science, technology and innovation. UNESCO works on improving governance of national and regional S&T systems and making deliberations on emerging science policy and ethical issues related to science and technology more participatory. The participatory process is encouraged, with more involvement of forums of parliamentary science committees, scientists, the private and public sector, representatives of the media and members of civil society.

Check out the UNESCO Science Report, 2005.

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