Friday, September 15, 2006

Call for Applications: The Mondialogo Engineering Award 2006-2007

Mondialogo, a UNESCO/DaimlerChrysler partnership initiative, is inviting engineering students in developing and developed countries to cooperate in the design, production and presentation of project proposals that address basic needs in developing countries focusing on poverty eradication, sustainable development and the other United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals. Areas of basic need include: water supply, sanitation, affordable housing, food production and processing, health services transport and communication.

U.S. teams were involved in many of the winning projects of the Mondialogo Engineering Award 2004/2005; namely "Providing Arsenic-Free Water in Remote Villages in West Benghal, India" and "The Development of Appropriate and Sustainable Construction Materials".

Each team is expected to actively engage in international cooperation and intercultural dialogue over a six-month period, from December 2006 to May 2007.
Ten Mondialogo Engineering Awards of € 20,000 will go to teams with the top project proposals, with an Honourable Mention and € 5,000 earmarked for twenty more teams.
Registration is open to International Project Teams through November 30th, 2006. >> Application Guidelines

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