Monday, December 17, 2007


The Bureau of Public Information of UNESCO publishes a series of memos, called Memobpi. Here are links to a few of them:

A commitment to peace implies a way of resolving conflicts, not according to the force of might, but by respecting internationally accepted norms, the rule of law and negotiation, with the aim of achieving a fullness of life for each and every one. By its Constitution, UNESCO is called upon to “build the defenses of peace in the minds of men.”
Science and Technology for Development
The overall focus of science, engineering and technology program activity at UNESCO is on human and institutional capacity building

Virtual Conferencing
Planning a virtual conference is rather like planning a journey: before traveling you need to make choices about when and how to travel (by plane, car, train …) based on available time, funds, weight of luggage, etc. Likewise, when planning a virtual meeting, you need to maketheproperchoices…

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