Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Global Change in Mountain Regions

©T. Schaaf, Yosemite Nat. Park, USA

Global Change in Mountain Regions (GLOCHAMORE): A world-wide network to study global change processes in mountains has been in operation since October 2003. It is based on some 25 mountain biosphere reserves in all continents that serve as monitoring and study sites. A research strategy has been worked out to:

* detect signals of global change
* identify the consequences
* suggest responses at local and regional scales

Among the more than 100 scientists and bioreserve managers are a number of Americans:
  • Baron, Jill. Dr., Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, Colorado State University
  • Bowman, William. Dr., University of Colorado INSTAAR
  • Bradley, Raymond S. Prof., Department of Geosciences, University of Massachusetts
  • Fagre, Daniel B. Dr., Ecologist/Global Change Research Coordinator, USGS Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center
  • Graumlich, Lisa. Prof., Big Sky Institute
  • Hansen, Andrew J. Prof. Dr., Montana State University - Bozeman, Department of Ecology
  • Hardy, Douglas. Dr., Department of Geosciences, University of Massachusetts
  • Kang, Sinkyu. Dr., Numerical Terradynamics Simulation Group, School of Forestry University of Montana
  • Malanson, George P. Dr., Department of Geography, University of Iowa
  • Millar, Constance I. Dr., PSW Research Station, Albany
  • Nechodom, Mark. Dr., Sierra Nevada Research Center - Pacific Southwest Research Station, Forest Service, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  • Porter, Charles. Dr., Director of Patagonia Research Foundation, Maine
  • Taylor, John. Dr. Head, Argonne Regional Climate Center, Illinois
Editor's note: The song you are trying to remember is "How are things in Glocca Mora" from the musical Finnian's Rainbow. I remember because Harry Stockwell, who I knew as a child, was in the road company. JAD.

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