Thursday, August 02, 2007

Management of Social Transformations: Round Table of Ministers of Social Development at UNESCO

Ministers of Social Development from 18 countries met in Paris on 16-17 July to discuss ways of linking social science research and policy development in order to strengthen the capacity of governments to act effectively for the welfare of their citizens and the social development of their countries. The roundtable took place during the 8th session of the Intergovernmental Council of UNESCO’s Management of Social Transformations program (MOST).

Ministers of Social Development from Argentina, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Greece, Iran, Malaysia, Montenegro, Morocco, Pakistan, Senegal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, St Lucia, Uganda and Venezuela participated in the round table on Monday afternoon and Tuesday afternoon. On Tuesday morning, the Minister of Education from Argentina and the Minister of Gender, Sports, Culture and Social Services from Kenya will also shared their experiences in connecting research to policy development.

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