Sunday, August 19, 2007

ICTs for Intercultural Dialog

UNESCO;s project titled "ICTs for Intercultural Dialog: Developing communication capacities of indigenous peoples" (ICT4ID) was approved by UNESCO’s General Conference in 2003 and has been extended to 2007. The project aims at fostering the creation and dissemination of local content that reflects the values, the experience and insights of the world of indigenous peoples’ communities and cultures.

In 2004-2005, ICT4ID launched five pilot projects involving eleven indigenous communities: the Bakoyas, the San and the Himbas in Africa, and the Quechua, Lecos, Tsimanes, Esse Ejjas, Mosetenes, Tacanas, Baures and Aymaras in Latin America.

The main goals of these projects are to encourage the production of indigenous cultural content for the audiovisual and new media by providing training to community members on the use of ICTs for local cultural expression. They also aimed at giving international exposure to locally produced contents.

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