Sunday, August 19, 2007

"Globalization: Challenges and Opportunities for Science and Technology"

The UNU/UNESCO International Conference on
"Globalization: Challenges and Opportunities for Science and Technology"
was held 23-24 August 2006, Pacifico, Yokohama

Globalization - the increasing cross-border movements of goods, money, information, ideas, and people, and the concomitant growing interdependency of people and institutions around the world - creates both opportunities and challenges for scientific and technological innovation. Globalization processes are driven by science and technology (particularly new information and communication technologies), but at the same time these processes are shaping the ways in which scientific knowledge and new technologies are produced.

This conference provided a forum for discussing harnessing scientific and technological progress to promote social and economic progress. Day One was a public symposium in which eminent experts discussed how globalization is changing science and technology, and vice-versa, and the opportunities that these changes offer. Day Two was a workshop with parallel working group discussions on the various aspects in which science and technology link with, and contribute to, peace and sustainable development.

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