Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Children of Darfur

According to the U.S. Holocaust Museum there exists
a genocide emergency for Darfur, Sudan. To date about 2,500,000 civilians, targeted because of their ethnic or racial identity, have been driven from their homes, more than 300,000 people killed, and more than 1,600 villages destroyed by Sudanese government soldiers and government-backed militias, known as the "Janjaweed." More than 200,000 Sudanese are refugees in neighboring Chad. The crisis continues as thousands more die each month from the effects of inadequate food, water, health care, and shelter in a harsh desert environment.
UNESCO produced the 2006 film, "The Children of Darfur". It is a youth documentary film that will tell the children's version of what is happening in Darfur. Some of the strongest testimonies are told by the children and etched in drawings made in the support centres that have opened throughout Darfur.

The film, directed by Denmark’s Camilla Nielsson, received the International TV3 Actual Award, a 10,000-euro first prize for outstanding examples of investigative journalism, as well as the 25th Grand Prix for Documentary of the International Radio and Television University. The film is one of seven films released last year by UNESCO as a part of its advocation of human rights.

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