Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A New Regional Center for Biotechnology under the aegis of UNESCO

UNESCO and the Government of India signed an agreement in New Delhi, India, 14 July 2006 for the establishment of a Regional Centre for Biotechnology Training and Education. The New Delhi Centre will combine teaching and research with a strong focus on capacity building.

‘The Centre will offer postgraduate and post-doctoral programmes in biotechnology, nano-biotechnology, and environmental biotechnology as well as “classes on intellectual property rights, technology transfer, bio-entrepreneurship and management, bioethics and bio-safety” said Maciej Nalecz, Director of UNESCO’s Division of Basic and Engineering Sciences.

The Centre, which expects to be functional in January 2007, will be operating under the aegis of UNESCO. Its governing body will include representatives from both the UNESCO secretariat and Member States. ‘We will secure top scientists from different countries to be a part of the advisory body’, commented Maciej Nalecz, ‘and, through them, will seek their respective governments’ participation to further develop the Centre.’

Initially, the Indian government will be funding the Centre with the expectation that other countries in the region supplement this effort once the Centre is functioning. Also, it will be housed at the National Institute of Immunology in New Delhi pending construction of permanent facilities.

© Photo: UNESCO

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