Saturday, November 27, 2004

New UNESCO Science and Technology Policy Program

New UNESCO Science and Technology Policy Program

In July 1994, an advisory panel convened by the Director-General recommended that "steps be taken as soon as possible to launch a Programme on science and society-including the allocation of resources and the establishment of an appropriate supporting structure, so that its can be fully operational in the next medium - term plan 1996-2001".

According to this document, "any future programme should take into consideration the following factors:

--Shift in emphasis in the role of governments to become partners to businesses, academic institutions, other governments and voluntary organizations will stimulate increased S&T activity.

--Better governance of the S&T efforts. At the highest level, this means strengthening the role of parliaments. It also requires participatory policy reviews resulting in a common set of principles and guidelines to further improve the management of S&T effort in government departments and agencies.

--Genuine partnerships and collaborations of the partners in the innovation system to make sure that the overall S&T effort matches the domestic and global challenges.....

"The main role of UNESCO will be that of an initiator of new thinking on policy development, a major instigator of reforms and innovations and a promoter of international co-operation. UNESCO should therefore, stimulate innovative co-operative programmes at regional and international levels, develop analytical work in co-operation with other institutions namely OECD and the UNU, and support regional S&T Policy networks. UNESCO should also serve as a clearing-house, thus facilitating exchange of experiences."

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