Friday, November 26, 2004

Al-Ahram Weekly | Heritage | The St Catherine's Bedouin project

Al-Ahram Weekly | Heritage | The St Catherine's Bedouin project:

"There are more than 500 historical sites and buildings in Sinai, dating from the round stone nawamis built about 4,000 BC to structures from the Bronze Age and Nabatean, Byzantine and Islamic periods. There are abundant foundations of tombs, houses, storehouses, animal traps, and evidence of copper smelting. The sites have yielded Bronze Age jewellery and amulets and tools and pottery from all ages. In 2002 UNESCO declared St Catherine's a World Heritage Site."

This article describes the integrated program that Egypt is developing around the UNESCO World Heritage Site to protect cultural and environmental wonders, while providing economic development for the very poor inhabitants of the region.

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