Friday, September 02, 2011

UNESCO Seminar Begins Semester at GWU!

A graduate seminar on UNESCO has been offered at George Washington University since 2007. It has been coordinated by members of the Board of Directors of Americans for UNESCO until now, but this semester it is coordinated by Laura Engel, an assistant professor in the International Education Program. Members of the Board will continue to be strongly involved in the program as guest lecturers and as resource persons for the students.

The first class of the seminar was held this Wednesday, in Monroe Hall shown above.

The class was honored by a video welcome greeting by Irina Bokova, the Director General of UNESCO. In her remarks, she emphasized the importance of the class focus this semester on the educational and cultural programs of UNESCO. She expressed the hope that the course would help disseminate information about and understanding of UNESCO in the United States.

While the seminar is offered by the Graduate School of Education and Human Development, it is open to students from other schools in the university and to students from other universities in the Washington DC network of universities. If past experience is any guide, the seminar will be enriched by students from different disciplines and schools, as well as by foreign students working for an American graduate degree.

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