Monday, April 06, 2009


The University Chairs forming the Orbicom Network

Orbicom is an international network that links communications leaders from academic, media, corporate and government circles with a view to providing for the exchange of information and the development of shared projects. While Orbicom is supported by internationally-based institutions, media, governments and corporations, Orbicom's mandate derives from UNESCO's New Communications Strategy unanimously adopted at the 1989 General Conference. This Conference foresaw that new communications technologies would have a significant impact upon the complex processes shaping economies, the environment, social justice, democracy, and peace.

Orbicom continues to produce important reports on the status of the Information Revolution and the Digital Divide.

Editor's Note: Orbicom is in my opinion an excellent example of UNESCO's ability to catalyze networks of collaborators who meet important international needs. The Orbicom network is an important contribution of the UNESCO Communications and Information Program.

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