Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Alladin Online Library

Aladdin is a multilingual, free online library offering its subscribers 24/7 access to an online collection of books translated for the first time into Arabic and Persian with the aim of enhancing mutual knowledge among peoples of different cultures and rejecting conflicts of memory, including all forms of Holocaust denial and trivialization.

Subscribers can read every book cover to cover and can download the entire book free of charge. The library allows subscribers to electronically search all of the books and articles in the collection.

The library is the result of a partnership that aims to create a network of non-governmental organizations, intergovernmental institutions and private publishers in Europe and in the Muslim world with the objective of providing a multilingual, reliable and free source of knowledge and information easily accessible on the Internet.

The online library itself is part of the broader Aladdin Initiative, a programme launched under the patronage of UNESCO, that brings together more than 200 prominent intellectuals, academics, historians and public figures from Muslim, Jewish, Christian and other cultures and faiths to promote a climate of tolerance and friendship through intercultural dialog.

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