Monday, February 11, 2008

Support for IYL 2008

There is a useful new website created by Don Osborn providing support for the International Year of Languages (2008). It is a temporary webpage for gathering information on strategies and methods for supporting the IYL.

UNESCO has an official portal page:

2008, International Year of Languages: Languages matter!


Don said...

Thank you for highlighting this humble initiative in support of IYL. Hope it will help catalyze more ambitious efforts.

One of its inspirations was the site of the International Year of Planet Earth, which is another UN "Year" being observed in 2008.

On the subject of IYPE, its "Global Launch Event" is underway now (12-13 Feb.) at the UNESCO hq.

Don said...

There was a snafu on the hyperlinks in my comment. The IYPE site is and the Global Launch Event page is