Friday, July 27, 2007

Evaluation of the Information for All Program (IFAP)

The Information for All Program seeks to:
  • Promote international reflection and debate on the ethical, legal and societal challenges of the information society
  • Promote and widen access to information in the public domain through the organisation, digitization and preservation of information
  • Support training, continuing education and lifelong learning in the fields of communication, information and informatics
  • Support the production of local content and foster the availability of indigenous knowledge through basic literacy and ICT literacy training
  • Promote the use of international standards and best practices in communication, information and informatics in UNESCO’s fields of competences
  • Promote information and knowledge networking at local, national, regional and international levels.
The main purpose of the evaluation was to review the role and future relevance of IFAP in pursuing the six core IFAP objectives. The evaluation was expected to provide UNESCO with a clear account of the overall performance of IFAP as well as specific implementable recommendations for future activities. It was expected to focus on results achieved of IFAP activities as well as assess the relevance of IFAP to meet future challenges.

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clhansen said...

I have been working with the "C" lines, and UNESCO and ITU; it was suggested more than once I should head IFAP after the last person left. When I enquired of a mid-level person, the answer was vague. Seeing this report explains, perhaps, why the directorship is still vacant.