Saturday, July 14, 2007

2005 Study Tour to UN Agencies

Read "UNA-NCA Sponsors Delegation to Visit UN Agencies in Paris and Geneva" by Andrew Rice in the UNA-USA Newsletter of June 2005.

"Fourteen UNA-USA members journeyed to Paris and Geneva in May as the first organized UNA-USA delegation to meet and dialogue with officials in the UN agencies in those cities. In addition to holding sessions with key members of the secretariats, the group also met with the US missions to the agencies. Organized by the National Capital Area chapter, the week-long program brought together seven UNA-NCA members and seven UNAers from chapters in California, Iowa, Minnesota, Texas and Utah. The group, led by Cynthia Butler and Andrew Rice, spent two full days in Paris and three in Geneva......

"The days in Paris centered on UNESCO (which the US only recently re-joined) and the US Mission to UNESCO. Particular topics included UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites program and the proposed -- and controversial -- convention on cultural diversity. The discussion with the US Mission emphasized the importance it attached to the practical implementation of programs."

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