Monday, March 13, 2006

Creating the Information Commons for e-Science: Toward Institutional Policies and Guidelines for Action

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This International Workshop was held at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris on 1-2 September 2005.

It was an important element of ongoing efforts to achieve the broader goals of The World Summit on the Information Society. In particular, this workshop aimed to promote development of institutional policies and guidelines for action in support of the “information commons” for e-science. The work plan comprised four objectives:

* Review opportunities/challenges for realising global collaborative e-science on the emerging "cyber-infrastructure."
* Review government and university mechanisms for managing publicly funded scientific information in the digitally networked research environment; identify problems and develop procedural solutions.
* Identify and analyse institutional, economic, policy, and legal benefits/drawbacks to providing public access to and unrestricted use of publicly funded scientific information.
* Put forward resolutions/recommendations that enable the scientific community to more effectively utilise publicly funded scientific data and information.

The draft proceedings are available online.

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