Monday, February 13, 2006

The World Science Forum

World Science Forum Proceedings Online

The proceedings of the November 2005 World Science Forum in Budapest are now available online. More than 300 people attended, coming from nearly 70 countries. The conclusions and recommendations are available for most of the sessions, which were
* Science and Public Policy,
* Capacity Building and Implementation,
* The Role of Business,
* The Perspective from Developing Countries,
* The Future of the Environment,
* Educating Future Generations,
* Science in a Democratic World: The Role of Parliaments,
* Science for Peace and Knowledge, and
* Ethics and Responsibility in Science Journalism.

The overall recommendations from the meeting addressed:
* new relationships between and funding models involving academia, government, the business sector and other actors;
* international exchange of experiences and good practices;
* bridging the culture gap between science and business;
* recognizing intrinsic ecological values and
* interesting children in science at an early age.

The first World Science Forum in Budapest was held in 2003 as a follow-up to UNESCO's 1999 World Conference on Science, held in the same city.

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