Thursday, February 02, 2006

UNESCO's Scientific Maps

As an integral part of its scientific activities, UNESCO's has a long-range map program. The compilation is carried out with prior agreement on a common system of nomenclature and legends, thus setting the bases for international co-operation among scientists and specialists. It also leads to further inter-calibration of research methods so as to provide comparable data and results, and to complement existing knowledge in particular areas.

The maps and atlases in the UNESCO series are produced with the participation of all the countries covered by them. Although these small-scale maps cannot replace large-scale maps produced on a national level, they nevertheless constitute a valuable source of information for broad planning and study of resources-development activities. They are also useful working tools for secondary and university courses.

* Climatic maps
* Geological maps
* Hydrogeological maps
* Quaternary maps
* Tectonic maps
* Mineral and metallogenic maps
* Metamorphic maps
* Oceanographic maps
* Population maps
* Soil maps
* Vegetation maps

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