Tuesday, July 26, 2005

WARINTEK - Multipurpose Community Telecenters for Sustainable Human Development

UNESCO Description of the initiative:

"Since August 2000, the Ministry for Research and Technology (RISTEK) develops and promotes an National Program called WARINTEK.

"WARINTEK is Multipurpose Community Telecenters (MCTs) model in Indonesia as an access Community center, as well as a media for distance education, tele-learning, and face to face community education.

"WARINTEK is developed as an alternative for integrated approach for multisectoral activities for urban/rural development including SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) development as well as for education. Its activities are primarily directed toward the development and strengthening the collaboration among member such as Universities/Open University, private sectors, SMEs, Co-operations, Schools, R&D institutions and local governments.

"UNESCO/ASTINFO Bangkok, RISTEK and the Local Government in South Sumatra, enter a joint partnership to establish WARINTEK in South Sumatra Province as an access community center. "

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