Thursday, July 14, 2005

International Conference on Energy, Disasters, and Environment (INCEED 2005)

INCEED 2005 website

This conference to be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, July 24-30, 2005. The conference will be hosted by the Global Institute for Energy and Environmental Systems (GIEES) of the University of North Carolina. iIt was jointly organized with the International Society of Environmental Geotechnology (ISEG), the Global Alliance for Disaster Reduction (GADR) and UNESCO along with other large national and international organizations.

"The expanded INCEED 2005 Conference is an outgrowth of the regular ISEG conferences which started in 1993 with the continuing objective of applying technical and social science knowledge from a diversity of disciplines to address critical issues in sustainable development. Conferences that have been hosted in North America, Asia, South America and Europe have drawn an average of 500 participants from 50 countries. These conferences are held biennially and rotated among different continents. INCEED 2005 is a special intermediate year conference that has been expanded to include coverage of the plans and programs of UNESCO and GADR as well as other organizations on hazards. Research advances communicated at these events and some consensus positions will be directly put into public policies by agencies in many countries. The ISEG-GADR-UNESCO trio of organizers seeks to continue to promote scientific cooperation among countries, organizations and individuals on the thematic issues of this conference."

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