Saturday, April 30, 2005

Science and Technology Diplomacy Initiative

StDEv Initiative website:

"This Initiative has been established at UNCTAD in accordance with Resolution 2001/31 of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), adopted in July 2001, following recommendations of the United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development (UNCSTD) and consultations with the Secretary-General of UNCTAD. This Initiative is being implemented by UNCTAD in collaboration with the Science, Technology and Innovation Program of Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government.

"The Initiative will also seek to partner with other international organizations, most notably FAO, UNEP, UNESCO, WHO,WIPO,WMO, WTO and the United Nations University, as well as other international scientific organizations, such as the Third World Academy of Sciences.

"The main objective of the Science and Technology Diplomacy Initiative is to mobilize scientific and technological expertise to enable developing country diplomats and representatives to participate fully and to make informed decisions on emerging issues, where science and technology play an important role, particularly in the aftermath of the Doha WTO Ministerial meeting."

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