Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Community Radio in India

PIB Press Release

"In December 2002, the Government announced a policy for the grant of Community Radio Licenses to educational institutions and organizations to be identified/selected, in accordance with the prescribed eligibility conditions and on the terms and conditions given in the Guidelines for the grant of licenses for Community Radio Stations.

"Under the terms of this policy, Community Broadcasting Licenses can be granted to well established educational institutions/organizations, recognized by the Central Government or the State Government. These will include the Universities and institutes of technology/management and residential schools.

"Community Radio is expected to focus on issues relating to education, health, environment, agriculture, rural & community development. The contents are to be confined to social, cultural and local issues and the format, subject, presentation and language must reflect and exude the local flavour and fragrance...........

"Incidentally, the present policy on community radio contained the element of mid-term course correction. To address the above issues, it was logical to attempt such a mid-term correction. A Workshop on Community Radio provided a platform to share the experiences of other countries & organizations and an opening to a policy framework that could take into account all the issues raised above.

(The) "Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, therefore, organized a workshop on Community Radio on May 5th & 6th, 2004 in collaboration with UNDP & UNESCO, who brought in the perspective of international experience in tackling such issues."

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