Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Your Response to an attack on UNESCO is requested.

The UNESCO Memory of the World Program was established to encourage the protection of archives of important materials. The preparation of General Guidelines for the Program was initiated through a contract with IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations), together with the compilation, by IFLA and ICA (International Council on Archives), of lists of irreparably damaged library collections and archive holdings. Through its National Commissions, UNESCO prepared a list of endangered library and archive holdings and a world list of national cinematic heritage. 

The Memory of the World Register comprises nearly 300 documents and collections from five continents. Che Guevara’s works are among 54 new additions this year. (Click here for an account of the addition.)  A number of collections have been added from the United States, including the papers of Eleanor Roosevelt.

Check out the latest from Representative Ros-Lehtinen attacking UNESCO on the Che inscription. 

I suggest that you reply to her tweet with a link to the Holocaust inscriptions that were also made this year to the Memory of the World Register?  The following is just a suggestion.  
@RosLehtinen Memory of the World about creating historical reference. Holocaust docs inscribed this year.  http://ow.ly/ndMVR
Here is the full url:

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