Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The public was interested when the USA cut UNESCO funding

UNESCO strips Dresden of World Heritage site title
Vancouver Sun - Jun 25 2009   
Bulgarian diplomat wins UNESCO race
Philadelphia Inquirer - Sep 22 2009   
UNESCO adds 7 sites to World Heritage List
Ynetnews - Aug 1 2010   
UNESCO to assess mining impact at S.Africa
Ninemsn - Nov 16 2010   
US cuts UNESCO funding after Palestinian membership vote
CNN - Oct 31 2011   
Palestinian flag raised at UNESCO
The Hindu - Dec 13 2011  

The upper graph gives the frequency that the term "UNESCO" was used as a search term on Google over the last several years, while the lower graph shows how often the term was used to search Google News over the same period. The graph shows a long term downward trend and seasonal phenomena such as a dip at the end of the calendar year. The decision of the General Conference to admit Palestine to membership and the decision of the United States Government to withhold funding from UNESCO as a consequence of that vote led to a very definite spike in interest in UNESCO. Bad news is news!

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