Friday, November 04, 2011

Meeting on STI Policy Instruments

Fifty distinguished experts in science, technology and innovation from across the globe met at UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris from 19 to 20 October to discuss science policy in their respective countries. A technical workshop “Towards a Global Observatory of Policy Instruments on Science, Technology and Innovation” aimed to expand UNESCO’s Science Policy Information Network (SPIN) from a regional to a global level.

 During the seminar decision-makers from government, academia and multinational enterprises were to examine a range of policy instruments, as well as legal frameworks meant to improve methods for gathering, classifying and standardizing information around the world.

The Science Policy Information Network (SPIN) program was launched in Montevideo (Uruguay) in 2010 by UNESCO’s Regional Bureau for Science. The innovative SPIN information platform equips decision-makers and specialists in science and technology policy with powerful graphical and analytical tools, maps, and statistics.

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