Monday, October 10, 2011

U.S. Members of the UNESCO Executive Board

MemberMr Archibald MacLeish1946-19471-2
MemberMr Milton Eisenhower19473-4
MemberMr George D. Stoddard1947-19495-17
MemberMr Luther H. Evans1949-195318-34
MemberMr John A. Perkins1953-195435-39
MemberMr Athelstan F. Spilhaus1954-195840-50
MemberMr George N. Shuster1958-196351-65
MemberMr William Benton1963-196865-80
MemberMs Katie S. Louchheim1968-196981-83
MemberMs Louise Gore1969-197383-93
MemberMr Edward O. Sullivan1973-197493-95
MemberMr Gordon H. Scherer1974-197696-99
MemberMr Robert B. Kamm1976-197799-103
MemberMr Henry E. Kerry1977-1978103-105
MemberMr Esteban Edward Torres1978-1980106-109
MemberMs Barbara W. Newell1980-1982109-114
MemberMs Jean Broward Shevlin Gerard1982-1984114-120

The United States held membership on the Executive Board of UNESCO from the beginning of the Organization until the United States withdrew from the organization in 1984. Since the United States rejoined the Organization in 2003, the United States has been represented on the Executive Board by the Permanent Representatives to UNESCO, Louise Oliver and Daniel Killion.

I am impressed by the large number of distinguished people who served as the United States' members of UNESCO's Executive Board. Especially in the early years of UNESCO the members were distinguished public intellectuals such as Archibald MacLeish and Luther Evans (both of whom served as Librarians of Congress), President Eisenhower's brother Milton, Athelstan Spilhaus (scientist educator) and William Benton (Publisher of the Encyclopedia Britannica). A number ran universities (Eisenhower, Perkins, Shuster, Kamm, Newell).

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