Friday, August 12, 2011

Engineering: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities for Development

As UNESCO undertakes a new engineering initiative you may wish to review the major report on world engineering introduced in the World Engineers Convention in 2008 and published in 2009.


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Lonny said...

Thank you for this very extensive report that highlights important issues in our future. I think that, in part, engineers have done such a great job of obfuscating their own hard work that people are not even certain of what engineers do.

Part of the solution to the brain-drain and the low enrollment in engineering should be to show more clearly how exciting engineering is, to include truth-windows into our work, and to remove the myth that you must be great at math to consider engineering as a path.

An even bigger part of the solution should be to use engineering to bring context to K-12 classes. Students now, more than ever, are clamoring for context... a reason to be learning. I have found that real engineering problems or opportunities, with real clients, around the world or in your own community, are a fitting, exciting, energizing reason to learn.

Thanks again for the report and thanks for the recognition of as a place for sustainable design and engineering knowledge to be shared around the world.