Tuesday, February 02, 2010

New Issue of A World of Science

A World of Science (January–March 2010)

2 Wildlife in a warming world

10 Science must be a priority, says new UNESCO head
10 Concern over budget for science
11 Colombia hosts Year’s largest space marathon
11 Launch of consortium for science in the South
12 Three science prizes awarded
12 A biosphere school for Guinea Bissau
13 Healthier oceans vital for combating climate change
14 Collapse of karez forces Iraqis to abandon homes
14 Sustainable development needs cultural dimension
15 Two Nobel Prizes for L’ORÉAL–UNESCO laureates
15 18 countries test tsunami system

16 Farouk El-Baz returns to the Moon

18 The Bushbuckridge healers’ path to justice
21 Can a blue dye help save the Aral Sea?

24 Diary
24 New releases

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