Friday, January 11, 2008

UNESCO releases a user's guide to community radio

Community Radio: A user’s guide to the technology” is a guide to technical parameters of community radio in India. Produced for potential community radio operators, this technical manual takes into account the intention of the Government of India to establish 4000 community radio stations by 2008.

The publication aims to accompany interested organizations in the demystification of each piece of equipment usually found in community radio stations, its role and function within a wider social context, advantages and disadvantages of its usage. For others, who dare to be technically more adventurous, detailed notes on equipment are also provided.

Read the full Guide (PDF format)!

Read the news release on the Guide.

Editorial Comment: Why, you might ask, is this interesting to Americans? Well of course, we have a community radio movement in this country, and those broadcasters can use the guide too.

More importantly, we depend on a world of informed people, and believe in freedom of information. For the speakers of the vast majority of the world's 6,000 living languages, radio and television broadcast things they can not understand. The community radio solves that problem, with the broadcaster serving as a gatekeeper between the local community and its language, and the larger national and international flow of news and intervention.

UNESCO is the U.N. Agency that deals with communication and information, and it is important to us that it focuses on the community radio movement. With new, low cost, portable, easy to operate stations that movement is exploding in Africa and Asia, where it is most needed. JAD

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