Sunday, June 24, 2007

World Refugee Day

UNESCO, in collaboration with the UNRWA & UNFPA marked World Refugee Day on June 20th. This year the ceremonies were focused on refugee women, who together with their children make up 80 per cent of the world's 22 million refugees, excluding Palestinian refugees. The main ceremony was held at the UNESCO office in Amman, Jordan.

UNHCR representative in Jordan Mr. Sten Bronee said that holding this ceremony in Jordan gives recognition to the fact that Jordan has hosted the largest number of refugees for the longest period of time. Mr. Bronee added that although the refugees in Jordan and in the neighbouring countries have much in common with refugees elsewhere in the world, they enjoy the protection and support of the host government and the UN organizations. He said that women were the most vulnerable group of refugees, who are exposed to persecution, discrimination and abuse. However, women are the strongest in terms of perseverance, patience and nurturing that hold together the fabric of their families.

A Middle East Refugee Camp
Source: Annie's Letters (blog)

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