Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Application of Remote Sensing for the Integrated Management of Ecosystems and Water Resources in Africa

The aim of this UNESCO project is to promote biodiversity conservation, so as to aid sustainable development and to help alleviate poverty in Africa. It seeks to develop a process that will enable African countries to access and use satellite data and information and communication technologies, including the Internet, Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to monitor, assess and manage Ecosystems and Water Resources.

The initial targeted participating countries are those hosting the relevant UNESCO Chairs and those with communications and remote sensing facilities, with a view of enlarging participating at a later stage.

The following countries are participating in the project: * Benin. * Botswana, * Côte d’Ivoire, * Democratic Republic of Congo, * Equatorial Guinea, * Guinea, * Mozambique, * Niger, * Nigeria, * Senegal, * South Africa, and * Zimbabwe.

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