Friday, December 29, 2006

UNESCO Young Professionals Program

UNESCO's Young Professionals Program (YPP) is extremely competitive. However, However, the United States is an "underrepresented state" in that we have fewer than our proportionate number of employees on the UNESCO staff (due largely to the fact that the United States had withdrawn from the organization for so many years). Each under-represented member state is allowed to submit twelve candidates for further consideration by UNESCO. U.S. candidate applications are reviewed by the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO. This year there were some outstanding candidates from the United States, and their applications have been forwarded to UNESCO with the endorsement of the National Commission and the Department of State. Alex Zemak, the Deputy Executive Director of the U.S. National Commission informs our editor that "Americans for UNESCO's representative Andre Varchaver contributed greatly to our Young Professional Review panel this year".

Young professionals (who will be under the age of 30 on May 1, 2008) should keep this program in mind, and consider applying next Fall when we expect the process will open again.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I was one of the 12 people selected by the US. Unfortunately I wasn't picked by UNESCO. I understand it's a competition and UNESCO had it's reasons not to select all of us; nevertheless I'm left wondering why the US Commission doesn't provide other opportunities for those 12 "talented" people. Wouldn't it be wise to ensure that this talent develops in other forms or other organizations?

John Daly said...

I suggest that you contact Americans for UNESCO and see whether that organization can help. It includes people with a wealth of experience in and knowledge of UNESCO.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am very interested in applying to this program, do you know if there is going to be a 2008 YPP?
Thank you..

John Daly said...

I will inquire and past the information here when I get it.

Mai Chu said...

Aloha, I am also nevously waiting and checking the UNESCO's website every other week for the information on the 2008 intake. The website said candidates from developing countries will find all information they need from their respective National Comission for UNESCO. I am Vietnam national and it looks like Vietnam National Commission does not have their website. I sent them email enquiry but they are not every responsive. Any ideas?
One more thing, I get intimidated when everyone says YPP is VERY competitive. Does UNESCO consider balance of representatives from developed and less-developed countries?

John Daly said...

Good lunk to Mai Chu.

"Very competitive" means just that. Lots of good people want to join UNESCO's staff, and the organization only has a budget to hire a small number of them. On the other hand, many UNESCO staff members will retire in the next few years, so there should be more opportunities in the near future.

UNESCO uses a formula to estimate an appropriate level of nationals from each member state to be on its staff. It gives precedence to nationals from under represented countries. While I can see why people from less developed nations would want greater than average probability of getting a UNESCO job, UNESCO should also be aware that developing nations need their own good people to stay and work at home.

As to the 2008 program, UNESCO's website says: "Members States that are eligible to participate in this Programme (unrepresented or under-represented) will be informed directly of this new intake after August 2008."