Thursday, April 06, 2006

"Measuring and monitoring the information and knowledge societies: a statistical challenge"

Read the full report online.

This report focuses on data systems and measurement issues with regard to ICT, including aspects of data availability, international comparability and quality, as well as their content. The overall aim of the report is to support the development of national, regional and international data systems and indicators that are comprehensive, policy relevant and reliable for the proper understanding, monitoring and development of a sustainable and equitable Information/Knowledge Society. The first part of this report is a stocktaking of selected global ICT data from a variety of sources, followed by a discussion on the limitations of the existing data as well as barriers and problems that might be encountered in collecting of such data. The final section of the report discusses data that might be of value to collect in the future. The report concludes with a series of recommendations. By Diane Stukel, Subramaniyam Venkatraman, Lydia Deloumeaux, Patrick Lucas and Melanie Smuga, UNESCO Institute for Statistics, 2003. (PDF, 104 pages, 2.4 MB) Available in French and Russian as well as English.

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