Tuesday, January 03, 2006

ICT Enhanced Public Service Broadcasting

UNESCO photo
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This UNESCO program, launched in 2004, is designed to enhance the ability of public service broadcasters (PSBs) in developing countries to create communication/media materials supportive of human rights, peace, tolerance, and the fight against discrimination. The programme involves inviting production proposals from television and film professionals for a series of grants, in addition to providing training, production and distribution opportunities that draw on information and communication technologies (ICTs).

According to UNESCO, "Public service broadcasting entails independence from state and commercial influences, while having the ability to examine important public issues by providing programmes that include public debate, cultural expressions and educational programming aside from light entertainment. It is also indispensible that public service broadcasting systems adapt to the rapidly-evolving information society, particularly in the integration of audiovisual, communication and information technologies."

Read the review of the program from the Communications Initiative.

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