Sunday, November 13, 2005

The World Water Assessment Program

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UN Water has undertaken a collective UN system-wide continuing assessment process, the World Water Assessment Program (WWAP). The Program is to evolve with the World Water Development Report (WWDR) at its core. Thus there will be a need to include:
- data compilation (geo-referenced meta-databases);
- supporting information technologies;
- data interpretation;
- comparative trend analyses;
- data dissemination;
- methodology development and modelling.

The program involves collaboration among agencies across the United Nations system. UNESCO is the lead agency for: Sharing water resources and for Ensuring the knowledge base. It is a collaborating agency for: Managing risks and for Protecting ecosystems.

After the World Water Assessment Programme was approved, letters were sent by the United Nations and UNESCO inviting member countries to participate The United States is included in the list of countries whose governments have responded. While many countries have designated national focal points, no focal point is identified for the United States. However, the WWAP website provides 81 links to U.S. water assessment websites.

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