Sunday, October 30, 2005

"Ethnographic Action Research"

"A Users Handbook Developed to Innovate and Research ICT Applications for Poverty Eradication" By Jo Tacchi, Don Slater and Greg Hearn, UNESCO, 2003.

"UNESCO recognises the importance of using information and communication technologies to achieve development goals. It is also important to learn how ICTs can play an effective role in economic development, social transformation, political empowerment and cultural enrichment. Research is of immense value in this context. Ethnographic action research is considered to be one of the innovative research approaches to study the impact of information and communication technologies. This handbook presents and explains the approach and the methods employed in it particularly for projects using information and communication technologies related to poverty alleviation. We hope that along with other research methods it would prove useful for people working with information communication technologies for sustainable development."

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