Sunday, June 19, 2005

21 projects take home Mondialogo honours

Mondialogo Award News:

"On the evening of 30 May 2005 in Berlin, Germany, DaimlerChrysler and UNESCO presented the Mondialogo Engineering Award with a total of 300,000 euros in prize money. An international jury awarded the prizes to the 21 best project teams from 28 countries."

U.S. participants were included in several of the winning teams. Their projects were:
-Photovoltaics in Rural ICTs: Creating Sustainable Energy in Remote Settings (VietHope)
-Biofuel Development in Rural India (University of Illinois)
-Development of Appropriate & Sustainable Construction Materials (Michigan Technological University and Southern University and A&M College)
-Leapfrogging Urban Transportation Systems in Shanghai, China (University of Texas at El Paso)
-Providing Arsenic-Free Water in Remote Villages in West Bengal, India (Lehigh University)
-Solutions for Muramba, Rwanda: Rebuilding After “Time of Running” (University of Colorado at Boulder, University of Wisconsin – Madison, and Engineers Without Borders)
-Investigation of Appropriate Water and Waste Management Technologies for Cities within Developing Countries; Application to Villanueva, Honduras CA (Colorado School of Mines)
-Lighting Up the Nepalese Villages (Colorado State University)

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