Wednesday, March 23, 2005

"On World Water Day, one billion people still lack a clean supply"

The Independent's article:

"The world has been put on notice to expect a higher incidence of catastrophic flooding and droughts as global warming affects rainfall patterns, while, at the same time, more than a billion people in developing countries are facing dramatic shortages of clean water for drinking and bathing.

"The warnings came as the United Nations marked this year's Water Day by launching a 10-year campaign to combat shortages of clean water around the globe, dubbed the 'Water for Life Decade'. The organisation said that 1.1 billion people still lack sufficient clean water..........

"President Jacques Chirac of France warned a Unesco conference in Paris that unequal sharing of water resources among African countries risked exacerbating conflicts on the continent. "Water is abundant in Africa, but unequally shared," the President said, urging a fresh mobilisation by governments to address the issue."

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